What is Souvie™?

What is Souvie™ and when I should get one?

Souvie™ is innovative way of sharing event photos. In the essence, it is a QR code linked to a photo gallery, printed on a physical product. It serves as an event memorabilia. If you have an event that you want keep memories of, like wedding, bachelor party or birthday, and people with which you want to share memorabilia - you are ideal candidate for getting Souvie™.

For what type of event I should use Souvie™?

Weddings proved to be ideal use case of Souvie™. As newlyweds want to give they're guests something to memorise, giving Souvie™ proved to be something what they really love.

But, weddings are not the only type of event to consider for Souvie™. Bachelorette parties and birthdays have also proven to be great use cases. Essentially, Souvie™ can be considered for any type of event you want to keep memories of.

Dynamic Photo Gallery

One of the biggest tradeoff of Souvie™ is dynamic photo gallery. Dynamic photo gallery allows you to have control of what content will be shown in photo gallery before and after event. This means that you can share Souvie™s before event and upload photos after event. Everybody will have access to photos when they are uploaded.

Life-time Durability

As Souvie™ is meant to be life-time memorabilia - we are making sure to make it life-time. We introduced dynamic link feature, which make sure that you can control to which content QR code is linked. If for any reason photo gallery provider you choose would be discountinued, we make sure that you can transfer your photos to new photo gallery provider - by changing the link. This make sure that your Souvie™ always points to right content.

What you get with Souvie™?

  • Life-time memorabilia in form of magnet, sticker or other physical product.
  • Dynamic photo gallery with photos of the event.
  • Dynamic link - as quarantee of life-time durability.