Choosing the Perfect Souvie™ for Your Wedding - Magnet, Sticker, or Digital Format?

Wedding planning is an exciting experience, but it also comes with many decisions to make to ensure your special day is perfect. One of these decisions is choosing among three popular options for adding Souvie™ codes to your thank-you cards and wedding invitations: magnet, sticker, or digital format. Each option has its own benefits, so let's guide you through each of them to help you make an informed choice.

Souvie™ Magnet - An Excellent Choice for Personalized Thank-You Cards:

If you haven't yet decided on your thank-you cards, a Souvie™ magnet can be the perfect choice. This magnet allows your guests to easily scan the QR code and access an online photo album of your wedding. Furthermore, magnets are practical as guests can place them on the fridge or any other metal surface, serving as a lasting memory of your special day. Even if you've already chosen your thank-you cards, adding a Souvie™ magnet will provide an extra touch of charm and surprise for your guests.

Souvie™ Stickers - Personalize Your Thank-You Cards and Invitations:

If you have already selected your thank-you cards and want to add a digital touch, Souvie™ stickers are the perfect option. You can stick them onto your existing thank-you cards or even on your wedding invitations. Guests will be able to scan the QR code easily and access a beautiful collection of photos from your wedding. This is a fantastic way to make your thank-you cards even more personal and create a special experience for your guests. Since stickers can be applied to anything, make sure your guests preserve them as a keepsake of that special day.

Digital Souvie™ - Create Your Unique Addition:

If you desire complete control over the design and want to create a unique addition to your thank-you cards or invitations, digital Souvie™ is the ideal choice. You can design it yourself, include special details, and customize the QR code as you wish. This option is excellent for creative couples who want their thank-you cards to be entirely original, reflecting their personality and style.


The final choice between Souvie™ magnets, stickers, or digital formats depends on your preferences. If you already have your thank-you cards, adding Souvie™ magnets or stickers will provide additional value to your guests. If you seek personalized thank-you cards, stickers will deliver a special experience. On the other hand, digital Souvie™ allows you to exercise complete creativity and control.

Regardless of your choice, Souvie™ will ensure your guests have lasting memories of your wedding. May your special day be unforgettable!